Kenbridge Fire Department

Fire prevention begins at your home.  It is the goal of the Kenbridge Fire Department to provide our community with the knowledge and resources to prevent fires from occurring.  We would prefer you and your property to remain safe and secure.  We love to serve, but our service begins with prevention. 

Fire Safety At Home

 Eliminate Hazards:             

  • Keep space heaters away from anything that can burn.

  • Store all flammable materials away from sources of heat.

  • Don't let trash accumulate in your attic, basement, or garage.

  • Don't run extension cords behind rugs or curtains.

  • Use fuses, circuit breakers, and appliances only if they have a UL (Underwriters Labratory) seal.

  • Don't overload circuits.

Fire Prevention:                  

  • Keep operational fire extinguishers handy.                            

  • Install and maintain smoke detectors (change the batteries when you change your clock).

Develop an Escape Plan:    

  • Develop and memorize escape routes for your home.

  • Assign responsibility for assisting in the evacuation of children, the elderly, and the ill.

  • Choose a meeting place outside of the home.

  • Keep your keys easily accessible.

  • Hold frequent fire drills.

  • Know two ways out of your home in case your primary exit is blocked.

During a Fire:                     

  • Leave personal belongings behind.

  • Do not go back inside for any reason.

  • If clothing catches fire - STOP, DROP, and ROLL.

  • In dense smoke, crawl on the floor to the nearest exit.

   Using a Fire Extiguisher 

Remember the PASS RULE!

  • Pull: Pull the pin from the fire extinguisher.                

  • Aim: Aim the fire extinguisher at the base of the flame.

  • Squeeze: Squeeze the handle of the fire extinguisher to release contents.

  • Sweep: Sweep the extinguisher side to side to cover the fire with contents.